delaying death is one of my favorite hobbies

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On a scale of Elsa to Javert, how much can you let things go?

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i always wonder why no one likes me and then i remember i dont even like me

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how do people assume percy and annabeth will name their future children names like celeste and stuff (i mean dont get me wrong its a really pretty name) but this is percy we’re talking about he’ll probably name his son jack just so he can say jack jackson and things like “jack, son, you are a jackson” and then he’ll crack up so bad annabeth will have to drag him out of the room or something

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Leo is now permanently wearing dungarees and it’s changed my life forever. This is how I’m drawing him from now on and no one can stop me omg
(because theepegasister asked me to draw something cute, so I hope this suffices) 

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Don’t know if we can look at Coke every the same way again. Be prepared to cringe when you watch the full video  here. 

sugar caramelizes when heated, more shocking news to follow

It’s like that guy setting coffee creamer on fire and being like “people drink this stuff!” and it’s like yeah, a dry powder suspended in air is flammable, shock horror.


Never show these guys how candy is made, they’ll shit themselves.

*quietly facepalms forever*

I hate when people try to prove foods are unhealthy using properties utterly unrelated to their value as foods.  You can make anything sound gross if you want to.

Did you know that salt is the same chemical we use to defrost sidewalks?!?!

Did you know that water is a major component in pig urine?!?!

Did you know that bread is made of wheat that has been ground into a powder and artificially reconstituted into a loaf shape using a fungus?!?!

Did u know that oxygen is what Hitler used to breathe?????

Bless all this

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me when i eat fruits: i'm so fucking healthy


We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


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